Worpress Bug

Nov 8 2008

wordpress image

I had managed to port fstyp to FreeBSD and in the process of it I had managed to add UFS2 support to it. It was some significant work for me, I had even blogged about it. when I asked one of my friend to check it out, he visited the website using epiphany, he replied to me: "what is viagra doing on the page?" WHAT!!?? I was surprised, and when I checked, I could not see it in iceweasel. Eventually I ended up manually removing all the viagra occurences in the webpage.

Strangely the effect was shown only in epiphany, my friend commented maybe you should file a bug against firefox, I replied I should rather thank them. ;-)

My site was cracked, I was using some vulnerable/outdated version of Wordpress. As a result it was not just my webpages that were poisoned but there was a complaint of outbound DoS attack activity from my webserver, which was traced back by dreamhost that led to cracked scripts/processes running under my domain thegaul.org.

I decided to remove Wordpress on that day. But yet again laziness ruled, I didn't do it until I got a warning from dreamhost to take some action or they would kick me out.

Thanks to the Wordpress bug, I eventually managed to do some work on my site.